Thursday, December 16, 2010

Specific Technologies for my Future Classroom

Blog Reflection #5 - Topic: What specific technologies did you learn about this semester that you think will be valuable to use in your future classroom? Why will these technologies be valuable?

This semester I got the opportunity to rub shoulders with a veritable buffet of technology that can be utilized in my future classroom. At times I found myself almost overwhelmed by the variety, and the possibility, that was laid before me.  I am sure however with a little more time and experimentation I will into a tech savvy educator who can engage a classroom full of children with my technological marvels.
As a future Mathematics teacher I am excited when I engage in working with technology that I can envision using to teach math concepts. For this reason I think that both spreadsheets and databases will prove invaluable tools in my future classroom. I have included images of both spreadsheet and database activities/assignments that I have created.

Figure 1: Created Using a Database
Figure 2: Created Using Spreadsheet

I feel that both of these are great examples of using technology in a productive and engaging way.
            I also look forward to trying to use GPS hardware mapping tools and lessons with my math students to help them further develop their spacial and geographical awareness/sense. Students can uses these tools to learn math concepts in a fun and truly unique way.
            Nonlinear PowerPoints and SmartBoard Lessons will also have a solid place in my future classroom because of their unique ability to dynamically alter and adapt lessons to meet the needs of the students in real time.

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